Club Jerseys

Many U.S. orienteering clubs have custom-made club running tops (or complete outfits). Club jerseys help promote a feeling of unity among club members. Some of the designs (and their sources) are show below.

U.S. orienteering club jerseys

(click an image below to see a larger view)


RMOC club jersey, designed by Win Toh of Axis Gear
Rocky Mountain Orienteering
jersey (designed by
Win Toh / Axis Gear)
NEOC club jersey, designed by o21e

New England Orienteering
jersey (design by o21e)

Cascade Orienteering Club
jersey (design by Patrick Nuss)

Orienteer Kansas club jersey design

Orienteer Kansas
club jersey
(design by Patrick Nuss)

Georgia Orienteering Club
jersey (design by o21e)

Bay Area Orienteering Club
jersey (design by o21e;
expanded design by Asix Gear)

Quantico Orienteering Club
(design by Kathleen Lennon,
Ted Good, and Kris Beecroft)

Empire Orienteering Club jersey
(design by o21e)

Chicago Area O Club jersey
(design by Siven Sport /
Charlie Shahbazian)

To post your club's jersey here, please send image(s) and
source information to the web content manager.

As of August 2015, noname is the supplier of U.S. Orienteering Team-wear. Affinity clothing (where a portion of the sale price benefits the U.S. Teams) may be found on the website of their U.S. affiliate, Quality Nordic. Their battle shirt is shown below.