Resource list

General orienteering books

An annotated bibliography9 of books about orienteering provides details about the most useful books to consult when teaching navigation to youngsters. Among these are the USOF coaching manual and Orienteering and Map Games for Teachers, both produced and sold by Orienteering USA.

Improving orienteering

Orienteering: Skills and strategies by Ron Lowry, and Armchair Orienteering by Winnie Stott are classic training guides providing exercises to help any orienteer.


Most of the general orienteering supply vendors carry equipment for orienteering education (kits, books, games, videos), and some provide educational services to schools and groups.

Permanent orienteering courses

Many clubs have permanent courses set on some of their maps, or in local parks. Using aluminum plaques as control markers, they are available year-round and are good for both for general practicing and for teaching school or youth groups. The club directory indicates which clubs can direct you to permanent courses.


Orienteering North America10, published by DMB Publishing, covers map and compass sports in the U.S. and Canada. Coaches' Corner is one of the regular features of this magazine, which is included as an Orienteering USA membership benefit. It is also available by direct subscription.

Orienteering USA

The governing body of orienteering clubs in the U.S., Orienteering USA is headquartered at Box 505, Riderwood, Maryland, 21139. Membership11 benefits include the subscription to Orienteering North America, voting rights at the annual general meeting, and discounted entry to "A" meets. Orienteering USA can help you start a club in your area, and brochures on several topics are available. Little Troll materials are provided to chartered clubs at no charge.