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Registrars: Please see the Event Register setup information page.


2015 April — Event Register online registration includes coordination with member information. If you are a member of Orienteering USA and have not yet set up a membership Login to access EventReg (which also makes it easy to renew and update your information) please do so here:

Orienteering USA membership page

How to use Event Register (for participants)

On the Event Register site, select an event under Register Now heading by clicking on the event's underlined title. More information about your event will appear, including a link to start the online registration process and a link to see who has already registered. Choose the button for your event to proceed.

A registration window for the event will open, asking you to Retrieve Contact Information (for members of Orienteering USA) by entering your Orienteering USA membership number and password that you have set up.

You may also register as a Non-Orienteering USA Member by clicking on the appropriate orange button, which opens a blank Participant Information form to be completed. (Note: the orange Enter Data Manually button also opens the blank Participant Information form.)


Orienteering USA Members will see the primary member's information entered on the Participant Information page. Register this participant by completing any starred (*) boxes that are empty, and click the orange Continue to proceed. If the primary member is not participating, change any data fields applicable to the competing participant, then Continue.

Non-Orienteering USA Members should fill in the starred (*) boxes, then click Continue.

  • Electronic Timing: The SportIdent electronic timing system is used in the United States. If you own a SportIdent E-punch "stick", enter your number accurately. If you plan to rent, just check the rental box. If you don’t have and SI stick and plan to purchase one before the event, enter a 0 in the number field, then send an e-mail to the registrar with your number.
  • WRE: If the event is a World Ranking Event (WRE) and you plan to compete in WRE-eligible classes, select the "Yes, Competing in WRE" box and then enter your IOF ID. WRE participants without an IOF ID will need to register on IOF's Eventor system to obtain a number.

If you are entering an event with age-group classes, your year of birth and gender data will be used to suggest a competition category and course for experienced orienteers in your age group. On page 2, you will have the opportunity to select a different category, if you wish, depending on your experience and/or limitations.


Read about race, class, and course selection. The following table lists competitive classes for the various age groups. Brown, Green, Red, and Blue are all advanced difficulty with course length from shortest (Brown, around 3.5-5 km) to longest (Blue, 8-14 km). Experienced females are permitted to choose Blue but will be listed/ranked with M-21+.

NOTE:  Select a course based on your experience level before choosing one for your age. Age classes are designed for orienteers experienced at that level. White is the course for young orienteers and novices.

          (tan background) = Championship categories (U.S. Championships and North American Championships held in the U.S.)

Courses and Associated Classes
WhiteYellowOrange (intermediate)Brown (advanced)Green (adv.)Red (adv.)Blue (adv.)
M/F-White  F70+M85+F50+M45+
F85+ M50+

Classes containing "F" are female and "M" are male. A dash (-) before the age means "and younger", the plus (+) after the age means "and older".
Classes designated by course color only are age-neutral (open); not eligible for U.S. Championships medals.

  • U.S. Championship Eligibility: If the event is a U.S. Championship, check 'Yes' if you meet eligibility requirements. Certain events will have different eligibility requirements, detailed in the Orienteering USA Rules of Competition.
    > NOTE: Visit the Orienteering USA membership page to join, preferably one month or more before the championship event, if you're not an active member. If your membership will expire before the event date you will be reminded to renew to maintain eligibility.
  • If you need to request split start times to accommodate child tending, add a note in the Notes and Special Requests box.


Different events may offer dinners, shirts, souvenirs, or other options. Read each one carefully before selecting the options you want.


This page is a summary of all information that you entered. Please check the information for any errors. If you need to make corrections, press the Back button on your browser, and make the necessary corrections. Once everything is correct click the 'Continue to Waiver Page' button.


Each person registered must sign a waiver. A parent or guardian must sign for each child under 18. To sign the online waiver, select the "I have read, understand, and agree to the waiver" box, and enter your full name, then click Save Signed Waiver. You will receive an e-mail confirmation for each e-mail address provided.

If you prefer to sign a paper waiver or if you are registering another person click the "Skip Signing Waiver" button. Links to your online and paper waivers will be included in the confirmation email.


Selecting "Register Another Orienteer For This Event" will return you to the Participant Information page. Once all orienteers for whom you are registering are entered, select a payment method and follow directions to pay, or exit the program. You will receive a confirmation e-mail showing your registered information (and a separate e-mail if paying online using Paypal).

IMPORTANT: If you need to make changes after submitting your registration, or have any questions about the event's options, contact the specific event's Registrar. DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW REGISTRATION.


EventReg History

2015 June — Ed Despard takes over from Kent Shaw as EventReg head. We thank Kent for his contributions and wish him a long and happy retirement.

2014 February — Event Register includes coordination with member information to streamline entering competitor data.

2012 July — Event Register online registration system is now on the Orienteering USA server. The new system includes modifications and improvements to Kent Shaw's original O-Signup system, to eventually include coordination with the member database (still under development). Registrars can more easily use the system to set up registration for club events, with less interaction needed from the designer.

2012 January — Orienteering USA announces a collaboration with Kent Shaw to use the next incarnation of his O-Signup registration system, embraced by U.S. orienteering event registrars from 2007-12. We are working to combine the registration process with a member database that will make event registration even easier for participants and registrars alike.