Best Practices

IOF Mapping Specifications

The IOF has mapping specifications for each discipline of orienteering. The most up-to-date documents can be found on the IOF website, at this link; some are linked below as PDFs for direct download for your convenience (updated 2018):

Official control descriptions (updated 2010) — Visit the IOF site for this 7.7 MB document

In the middle of 2013, the IOF Mapping Commission released a second revision of its draft for a future ISOM for foot orienteering, and comments were solicited from national federations. The OUSA response was prepared with the help of the US orienteering community, and in particular with the help of Eric Weyman. The document (in PDF format) is here:

IOF Print Tech Project

In 2002, the IOF Map Commission began a project to gather the latest knowledge about non-offset printing. Information on this project is available at the Print Tech Project Site

A key output of the project is a color test sheet that can be printed on a digital printer, inkjet or laser, and compared against a color standard offset printed version of the same file. An OCAD file test sheet and instructions on using this test sheet can be downloaded from the Print Tech Project website. The test sheet is a recommended quality control tool to check:

  • correct hues of colors
  • evenness of color
  • no moire effect
  • sharpness of  straight, round and diagonal edges of colored areas and lines
  • vertical and horizontal accuracy of printing, i.e. no stretching or distortion
  • printer resolution, i.e. no zig-zag lines or edges to area symbols

The Norwegian Orienteering Federation and IOF Map Commission have collected and published results from the Print Tech Project. The site includes a comprehensive table comparing different printer brands and models, with comments related to each. (Note: Some are in Norwegian: Google Translate is helpful.)

updated 20 June 2018