Amateur Radio Direction Finding World Championships 2010

Several American orienteers traveled to Croatia in mid-September, competing in the 15th ARDF World Championships. ARDF is amateur radio direction finding, a sport closely related to orienteering. Radio direction finding is a technical skill used also in search and rescue. The event website shows the United States as represented by 15 competitors, 2 officials, and 4 visitors. Competitors for the USA range in age from 69 to 25. Team USA results:

ClassPlaceTeam members
M4018thAfonkin, Vadim; Boyd, Gerald
M5014thNeal, George; Hunt, Dale; Hennigan, Jay
M605thCooley, Robert; Leach, Harley; Arnett, Dick
W218thMezhevaya, Alla; Huberman, Lori
W602ndLeach, Karla; Bromer, Ruth

With blessings from ARRL and New Mexico Orienteers and other competition groups in New Mexico, northern New Mexico has been offered as the venue for the 16th ARDF World Championships in 2011. Our popular orienteering venue in Cibola National Forest was used for a prior ARDF World Championship, but our other popular venue in Rendija Canyon on the edge of the Santa Fe National Forest in Los Alamos, is a prime location for 2011.

14 Nov 2010