2012 Golden Troll Award recipients

The Orienteering USA Golden Troll Award is designed to recognize those individuals who have provided exceptional service to the sport of orienteering that extends beyond the local club level. Each club may recognize only one member each year.

Jay Hann (BAOC)

Jay Hann has been the BAOC Junior Director for the past five years. In that time, he has dramatically expanded youth programs. He created and directs the BAOC California Outdoor Orienteering League (COOL), the club's interscholastic orienteering league that is now in its fifth season. COOL has markedly increased the interest level and competitive skills of our young orienteers, while providing a welcoming social atmosphere for them. These events have been a major part of the BAOC schedule for the past few years. In addition, Jay has recruited and chaperoned BAOC teams to the U.S. Interscholastic Championships, initiated the Western Region Interscholastic Championships, and coordinated many local youth outreach activities. Last year he was instrumental in the production of  the 2011 U.S. Interscholastic and Intercollegiate Championships at Pacheco State Park.

Joel Thomson (LAOC)

Joel was instrumental in getting LAOC's first A-meet quality map made (Mt. Pinos) and served as the map coordinator and one of two course setters for the subsequent A-meet in 1999.  He has mapped many locations for LAOC including Castaic Lake, Santa Fe Dam, Elsie's Caves, and updates to Mt. Pinos.  He served as the club Secretary for uncounted years, a position that also included handling membership and newsletter production.  He has helped the club hold other A-meets.  Joel has shared his fabulous photography from A-meets around the country through ONA.  He's a gem of the LAOC volunteers.

Mihai Ibanescu (BOK)

Mihai has been one of the mainstays of Backwoods Orienteering Klub over the past 10 years and has volunteered much of his time to Orienteering. Soon after joining BOK, Mihai began setting courses and directing events including our annual night event. When someone needs help setting controls, Mihai volunteers. Mihai led the development of our current website that is designed so active club members can keep it up to date, and has taken over keeping track of Membership, SI card purchases, and maintaining the electronic equipment.
Mihai assisted in our past three A-meets as a team leader. He was in charge of the finish and wrote the software to process the finish and network it in real time to results, and through BOK is offering the programs free of charge as open source. He was also placed controls and checked locations.

Bob Putnam (FLO)

Bob was co-founder of the present day FLO on March 10, 1991, acted as USOF VP Competition for 21 years, had key roles in three "A" events, set two Permanent Orienteering Courses, wrote Rules For Participation In FLO Events, and wrote the article "Florida Orienteering: Not traditional orienteering by any means" for ONADigital  2011.

He also established a program for JROTC to attend FLO events working with maps, personnel and everything, and established Annual Florida JROTC Orienteering Camps (2012 will be the 10th one), where cadets train on Friday and Saturday and compete on Sunday. The camp is limited to 200 paid registrations.

Neil Dobbs (HVO)

For the past 18 months, Neil Dobbs has been a key member of HVO’s somewhat-stretched volunteer corps. Neil’s work visa will expire shortly, and he must return to his native Ireland. However, during a relatively short period, Neil has accomplished much -- all on a completely voluntary basis.

He was Course Setter for the 2011 Team Trials -- Neil was much more than the course setter for the Sprint, Middle and Long Distance races, by which the Team representing the USA at the World Orienteering Championships was selected. When the proposed Sprint venue backed out, Neil was instrumental in not only finding a replacement in Purchase College of the State University of New York (SUNY), but in negotiating its use and overseeing the fast-track production of a new ISSOM-standard map. Besides the Team Trials courses – Red and Blue, which were OUSA-sanctioned races – Neil also designed a complete set of spectator/recreational courses (White through Green) for each day. 

He has organized courses designed to involve new people with the sport, and was the “savior” of the 2012 Northeast Junior Training Camp when the planned housing suddenly was not available. Many, many other things were instituted by Neil and he was exceedingly valuable to the club while he was here in the U.S.

5 Sep 2012