Membership Number Scheme Revision

UPDATE: New memberships starting in late 2014 or early 2015 will be assigned using '2' as the first digit. If you have had a long-standing membership, be sure to use your revised member number (see below) when registering for events, not the one that existed prior to August 2011.
October 24, 2014

UPDATE: You can now log in to the Membership Database and find your membership number and update your address, email, or other information, renew your membership, etc.

If you have not yet created a database ID and Password, click here to create one. NOTE: If you have set up a membership account and have forgotten your password, use this link instead.

At the Orienteering USA Board of Directors meeting in August, 2011, the Board approved a plan to adjust some member numbers in order to accommodate organizational growth and give each member a unique membership number for life. If we continue to use the current membership numbering scheme, we will soon run out of unique numbers. And previoustly, if your membership type changed, so did your member number. By moving to the newly approved system, you will not only get a unique member number for life, but it will enable us to have many new member numbers to assign as Orientereing USA grows.

So how do you figure out what your new member number is? It's really pretty easy because all current member numbers either will not change, or only the first digit will change.

  • If you are an Individual member and your member number begins with the digit "1", your member number will not change. All other Individual member numbers will only change the first digit, with that digit becoming "1". For example, if you member number is 457890, it becomes 157890.
  • In Family memberships, each person will retain a unique last digit of the Family membership number. If currently your Family membership number is 234560, and Dad is 234561, his number becomes 134561. Other family members would be 134562, 134563, 134564, and so on. Note that the 4 central digits (3456 in this example) stay the same for the entire family, but each individual member has their own last digit

New membership cards have been sent out to all members since the plan was approved. Please check your membership card for your unique identifier number as you register for upcoming A meets.

Announcement article first appeared in Orienteering North America, September/October 2011