US Team to WOC 2012 Selected

Left to right: Eddie Bergeron, Eric Bone, Boris Granovskiy, Giacomo Barbone, Wyatt Riley, Ken Walker, Jr.
Alison Crocker, Hannah Burgess, Alex Jospe, Pavlina Brautigam, Cristina Luis

Photo: Laurie Searle
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Congratulations to all of the following team members who will represent the U.S. at the World Orienteering Championships in Switzerland this July. ("Profile" links are to the World of O international profile for each runner.)

1. Eddie Bergeron (SVO) – profile
2. Eric Bone (COC) – profile
3. Ross Smith (by petition) (CSU) – profile
4. Boris Granovskiy (CSU) – profile
5. Giacomo Barbone (CSU) – profile

1st alternate - Jordan Laughlin (by petition) (USMAOC) – profile
2nd alternate - Wyatt Riley (DVOA) – profile
3rd alternate - Ken Walker, Jr. (CSU) – profile

1. Alison Crocker (CSU) – profile
2. Samantha Saeger (by petition) (NEOC) – profile
3. Hannah Burgess (USMAOC) – profile
4. Alex Jospe (CSU) – profile
5. Sandra Lauenstein (by petition) (RMOC) – profile

1st alternate - Pavlina Brautigam (WCOC) – profile
2nd alternate - Cristina Luis (TSN) – profile

Cristina Luis will accompany the team as Team Leader.

The Team Trials were held as part of the U.S. Sprint/Middle/Long Championships near the city of Atlanta, Georgia, over the April 13-15 weekend. Many thanks to the members of Georgia Orienteering Club for their hard work not only to insure that the Championships were a success but also to accomodate the Team Trials.

The selection of the WOC team is based upon scores from the sprint, middle and long races, plus a ranking score for events over the past year. The sum of 3 of the 4 scores determine the final scoring list. There were four petitions this year that were accepted and inserted into the scoring list. Petitions are allowed only from Standing Team members who are living abroad or who have placed high in the previous U.S. Championships. For a more detailed explanation refer to the team selection rules.

The Team receives some support from Orienteering USA; however, those funds cover only about half of the cost for entries and accomodations. Team members pay for their own transportation. The Team relies heavily upon fundraising and donations to cover the remainder of the expenses. If you would like to support the team fundraising effort, please attend the Speedy Goat sprint relay (the day before the Billygoat) from which all proceeds will go to the team. You can also make a donation to the team by going to and clicking on the "Donate" button, or by sending in a check to Orienteering USA. Using either method you can specify to have your donation be allocated to the WOC team.

For further information on the team you can check the team blog: