2013 JWOC Team selection rules

The section of the Orienteering USA rules regarding selection to the 2013 JWOC Team is copied below.

G.2.7 Selection Rules for the Junior World Orienteering Championships

G.2.7.1 The makeup of the U.S. Team to the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC Team) shall be primarily determined using an objective scoring method as detailed below.

G.2.7.2 Each year, the JTESC shall determine and announce the Selection Period and Scoring Criteria for the following year’s JWOC Team selection. The announcement shall be disseminated to prospective JWOC members through Junior Team email lists, and other communication methods, so as to reach as many juniors as possible. Ideally, the announcement should take place prior to the beginning of the Selection Period.

G.2.7.3 The Selection Period shall be a twelve-month period ending on the Cut-off Date. Rankings generated for JWOC selections shall be based on those races held during the Selection Period. Determination of the Selection Period should take into consideration the schedule and location of major events to maximize the opportunity for prospective juniors to participate.

G.2.7.4 The rankings used for JWOC selections (JWOC Rankings) shall be the M-20 and F-20 classes. These may be supplemented by additional races occurring during the Selection Period, including Interscholastic Varsity, Intercollegiate Varsity or selected Canada Cup races at the discretion of the JTESC and the rankings committee. The JWOC rankings shall be published as soon as possible after the Cut-off Date.

G.2.7.5 The Scoring Criteria will generally consist of a minimum ranking score and a minimum number of races required to be considered for selection to the JWOC Team. Candidates who do not meet the Scoring Criteria and wish to be considered must petition for an exception as described below.

G.2.7.6 The maximum JWOC team size shall be the maximum allowed by the IOF (currently 6 men and 6 women). There shall be no minimum team size. If fewer juniors than the maximum team size meet the Scoring Criteria, the team may be reduced in size.

G.2.7.7 The Scoring List is an ordered list of JWOC selection candidates whose JWOC rankings meet the Scoring Criteria. All candidates on the scoring list above the maximum team size shall be designated as alternates.

G.2.7.8 The Scoring List publication shall also include the deadline and instructions for submitting petitions.

G.2.7.9 Selections Committee: JWOC Team selections based on the scoring list shall be confirmed and petitions for exceptions shall be considered by a three-person committee composed of the Junior Team Coach, Junior Team Administrator or designee, and Orienteering USA VP in charge of competition or designee. All members of the selections committee shall be members of Orienteering USA.

G.2.7.10 After considering petitions, the Selections Committee shall invite the highest ranked males and females on the Scoring List to be members of the JWOC Team. If an invited Junior declines the invitation, the next alternate on the Scoring List shall be invited.

G.2.7.11 Eligibility: The selections committee has the responsibility of determining who is eligible for the JWOC Team, based on citizenship and age requirements, and who is eligible to submit petitions, based on JWOC Team eligibility criteria.

G.2.7.12 Petitions: Candidates who do not meet the Scoring Criteria or who are ranked lower on the Scoring List then they feel they deserve and wish to be considered for the team shall submit a petition to the Selections Committee requesting consideration for an exception. Petitions must be submitted by the petitioner or their parent or legal guardian, and may not be submitted on behalf of other people.

G.2.7.13 The Selections Committee shall evaluate the petitions and, where appropriate, make insertions or adjust the Scoring List to include successful petitioners.

G.2.7.14 Grievance Process: The evaluation of petitions and the circumstances described therein shall be the sole decision of the selections committee. In cases where malfeasance or corruption on the part of the selections committee is alleged, a grievance may be filed with the Orienteering USA Grievance Committee, which may call for a new selections committee to be convened. In such a case the new selections committee members shall be appointed by the Orienteering USA Executive Committee.