2014 JWOC Team Selection Criteria


The JWOC Selection Committee will choose six young men and six young women competitors to represent the USA at the Junior World Championships in 2014.  The committee will also choose two young men and two young women as alternates.  The selection process will be based on a combination of annual ranking scores and performances at Selection Races to be held in March*, 2014.

> Juniors at the Selection Races

Selection Scores

Each candidate's Overall Selection Score will be the sum of their three best component selection scores.  Four component scores will be considered:  

  1. JWOC Ranking Score as defined below
  2. Sprint Selection Race score
  3. Middle Selection Race score
  4. Long Selection Race score

JWOC Ranking Score

The 2014 JWOC Rankings will include F-20 and M-20 courses for all Orienteering USA-sanctioned races beginning on April 25, 2013, and ending with the last sanctioned race prior to the announced JWOC Selection Races.  They will also include the Interscholastic Championships Varsity courses (ISVF, ISVM), and the Intercollegiate Championships Varsity courses (ICVF, ICVM).  

In addition, the JWOC Rankings will include Canada Cup (national event) F17-20 and M17-20 courses, on which at least one orienteer who is eligible for the 2014 USA JWOC Team raced.  The 2013 Canadian races listed below will be included;  a list of 2014 races to be included will be released as the Canadian schedule (http://www.orienteering.ca/events/upcoming-events/) is updated.  

  • Sage Stomp (Long only):  May 17-20, 2013, Kamloops, British Columbia
  • Western Canadian Orienteering Championships (Sprint, Middle & Long): Aug 3-5, 2013, Manitoba
  • Eastern Canadian Orienteering Championships (Middle & Long only): Aug 23-25, 2013, St John, New Brunswick
  • Ottawa O-fest (Middle & Long only), Sept 20-22, 2013, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Canadian Orienteering Championships (Sprint, Middle & Long): Oct 11-14, 2013, Hamilton, Ontario

The JWOC Ranking Score of each JWOC-eligible orienteer will be calculated as the average of his/her four (4) best individual JWOC Rankings race scores — similar to the way that 12-month Rolling Rankings scores are calculated.  A JWOC-eligible orienteer with fewer than four ranked races shall have a JWOC Ranking Score equal to the total of his/her individual race scores divided by four (4).  

Selection Races

The three Selection Races (Sprint, Middle and Long) will be held as part of a single event in March*, 2014.  While Orienteering USA sanctioning of all races is preferable, it is not required.  However, whether sanctioned or not, each race must meet the same standards as sanctioned races would for the F-20 and M-20 classes.  Furthermore, non-sanctioned Selection Race courses must either be approved by, or designed by, the U.S Junior Team Coach.  

The dates and location(s) of the Selection Races will be announced no fewer than 4 months in advance, in the Junior Team section of the Orienteering USA website, as well as through e-mail lists, social media and other communication methods, so as to reach as many juniors as possible.  [link added November 23, 2013]

Declaration of Candidacy and Eligibility

In order to be considered a candidate for JWOC Selection, a junior must declare his/her intent, in writing or by e-mail, to at least one member of the JWOC Selections Committee prior to the first selection race.  

Any Junior who declares his/her intention to be a candidate for the 2014 JWOC Team must be a U.S. citizen, and either hold a current U.S. passport that will remain valid through the 2014 JWOC competition period, or be able to obtain a valid U.S. Passport at least one month prior to the JWOC competition.  He/she must also be a member of Orienteering USA in good standing, both currently and though the 2014 JWOC competition period (this might require membership renewal well in advance of expiration).
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Each component Selection Score — including the Rankings Score — will be scaled so that the average of the top 3 candidates’ scores is 100 points, with lower scores for slower times, in proportion to relative speed on the course, similar to the Orienteering USA rankings.  The top three component scores for each candidate will then be added to make that candidate's Overall Selection Score.  

An ordered list of candidates, known as the Scoring List, will be generated by listing candidates in sorted order by decreasing Overall Selection Score.  


Any Junior who wishes to be considered for the 2014 JWOC Team, but has to miss any or all of the Selection Races, performs poorly in any of  the Selection Races, has fewer than four ranked races, and/or otherwise feels that their Overall Selection Score does not reflect their qualifications, may submit a petition to the Selections Committee.  The petition must be submitted by the junior herself or himself, and should address the following points.  

  1. The circumstances of the situation, with as much detail as possible.
  2. Evidence of training and race results that demonstrate the junior is capable and comparable to juniors on the Scoring List, and/or other juniors above them on the Scoring List.

Instructions for submitting petitions, applicable deadlines, and a description of the process by which petitions will be evaluated, are posted here**.  The Selections Committee will review all petitions and insert successful petitioners into the Scoring List of candidates as they see fit.  The top six young men on the scoring list and the next two alternates, and top six young women on the scoring list and next two alternates, will be selected. If any selectees decline to attend JWOC, they will be replaced by qualified juniors who are next on the scoring list.  

Selections Committee

As per Orienteering USA rules, the Selections Committee will be composed of the U.S. Junior Team Coach, the U.S. Junior Team Administrator (JTA) or designee, and the Orienterring USA Vice President in Charge of Competition (VPComp) or designee.  All members of the Selections Committee shall be members of Orienteering USA.  If the JTA or VPComp is unable to fulfill her/his duties as a Selections Committee member, he/she may designate a replacement (aka “designee”).  

Selections Committee members shall be familiar with and abide by the Orienteering USA Conflict of Interest Policy.  If the JTA or VPComp has an unavoidable conflict of interest — eg, close relationship with one or more candidates — he/she will remove herself/himself from discussion of and voting on any candidates involved in the conflict.  If he/she has two or more such conflicts, he/she should consider resigning from the Committee, and designating a replacement, as per above.

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Junior Standing Team members at the 2014 Selection Races

(click photo for larger view on SmugMug)
Back row L-R: Brigitte Bordelon, Anne Wilkinson, Evalin Brautigam, Anna Breton, Elina Breton, Melanie Sergiev, Addie Nolan,
Sholanda Snell, Isabel Bryant, Katrina Weinmann
Front row L-R: Austin Fowler, Connor Frost, Addison Bosley, Ethan Childs, Mathew Rogers, Noah Van Gorder, Will Hubsch,
Matej Sebo, Michael Laraia, Hans Sitarz
Missing: Julia Zielczynska, Zac Barker, Matt Stout

* updated to finalize the "March" date -- November 23, 2013
** moved Petition process to own page -- November 21, 2013