U.S. Team to WOC 2013 Named

USA Team to World Orienteering Championships 2013 in Finland

Announcement by Peter Gagarin on behalf of the Team Selection Committee
May 12, 2013 
(updated May 15, 2013)


Ali Crocker (CSU) – profile
Samantha Saeger (by petition) (NEOC) – profile
Hannah Culberg (COC) – profile
Alex Jospe (CSU) – profile
Alison Campbell (by petition) (DVOA) – profile

Cristina Luis (first alternate) (TSN) – profile
Anna Shafer-Skelton (second alternate) (SLOC)
Isabel Bryant (third alternate) (NEOC) – profile


Eric Bone (COC) – profile
Boris Granovskiy (CSU) – profile
Sergei Zhyk (DVOA) – profile Declined
Ross Smith (CSU) – profile
Ethan Childs (GMOC) – profile Declined
Brendan Shields (CSU)
Wyatt Riley (DVOA) – profile

Eddie Bergeron (alternate) (SVO) – profile Declined

Team leaders in Finland will be Erin Schirm and Cristina Luis.

Also, the following have received mid-year promotions to the Senior Team based on their results so far this year: Ethan Childs, Kseniya Popova, and Anna Shafer-Skelton.

And thanks to EMPO for a superb long weekend of orienteering, hosting both the USA Short/Middle/Long U.S. Championships and the Team Trials.

For anyone who doesn't know or maybe didn't notice, Ethan Childs is 19 and Izzy Bryant (3rd alternate) is 16. Hopefully just the start of good things happening with our junior program under coach Erin Schirm.

And it was announced this weekend that funding has been secured to keep Erin on for a second year. Excellent news.


2013 U.S. Team to the World Orienteering Championships
Left to right: Women: Ali Crocker, Hannah Culberg, Alex Jospe, Cristina Luis, Anna Shafer-Skelton, Isabel Bryant
Men: Boris Granovskiy, Sergei Zhyk, Ross Smith, Ethan Childs, Brendan Shields, Wyatt Riley, Eddie Bergeron
(missing from the photograph: Samantha Saeger, Alison Campbell, and Eric Bone)
Photo credit: EMPO

Scoring List for 2013 (courtesy of the U.S. Team ESC) Click on the image to enlarge...