2014 U.S. Team Announced

The U.S. Senior Team Selection Committee (Kris Beecroft, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Kristin Hall, and Patrick Nuss) is pleased to announce the selection of the following orienteers for the 2014 U.S. Orienteering Team (Foot-O):

Please note that there is a new structure for the Senior team: Elite, Performance and Development teams, which will support the strategy of moving improving orienteers through the system and on to the Senior Elite Team. The Development team has been specifically established to support younger athletes and those new to the sport as they transition to the senior level. We see this structure as just the beginning of bringing the Junior and Senior teams closer together and making the progression from Junior to Senior Team cleaner and easier to understand.

Please join us in congratulating the following orienteers:

Senior Elite Team:

Giacomo Barbone
Eric Bone
Wyatt Riley
Ross Smith
Ali Crocker
Hannah Culberg
Alex Jospe
Kseniya Popova
Samantha Saeger

Senior Performance Team:

Ethan Childs
Jordan Laughlin
Ian Smith
Ken Walker Jr.
Alison Campbell
Cristina Luis


Senior Development Team:

Greg Ahlswede
William Enger
Jacob Grant
Zachary Schroeder
Matej Sebo
John Hensley Williams
Tori Borish
Anna Shafer-Skelton


Congratulations to all of you. Please complete and sign the Athlete Agreement (link below) as your acceptance to be on the 2014 U.S. Senior Team and return it to Kris Beecroft (krisbeecroft [at] msn.com) by January 31.

Criteria for selection to the Senior Team:

Selection is based on A-meet and international M/F21 performances during the preceding year. In the case of potential members living abroad, the committee considers their known competition results and training regimens. It is from this list — which is sub-divided into Elite, Performance and Development — that orienteers are eligible to represent Orienteering USA in IOF-sanctioned elite events.

Senior Elite Team: Athletes who consistently produce top-level U.S. results in F21/M21

Senior Performance Team: Athletes who frequently produce strong U.S. results in F21/M21, at or near the level of the Elite Team

Senior Development Team:  Athletes who have demonstrated potential to reach Performance/Elite level with further training and experience

Selection Notes:

Athletes who are turning 21 may be placed on the Development Team based on their results in F-20/M-20.

An athlete may progress from the Development team, to the Performance Team, to the Elite Team and back to the Performance Team, but never back to the Development Team.

There is a one year grace period to remain on a team if there are extenuating circumstances [prolonged illness/injury, major life changes]. 

Announcement updated 9 April 2014

2014 Athlete Agreement