2014 U.S. Team to WOC Announced

USA Team to World Orienteering Championships 2014 in Italy

Announcement by Kris Beecroft, on behalf of the Team Selection Committee
March 26, 2014


Ali Crocker (SMOC)
Alex Jospe (CSU)
Samantha Saeger (by petition) (NEOC / OK Linne)
Hannah Culberg (COC)
Tori Borish (COC)

Cristina Luis (TSN / Nydalens SK) - 1st alternate
Alison Campbell (by petition) (DVOA / EUOC) - 2nd alternate
Kseniya Popova (HVO) - 3rd alternate


Eric Bone (COC)
Ethan Childs (GMOC)
Giacomo Barbone (by petition) (CSU / Orient'Alp)
Wyatt Riley (DVOA)
Ross Smith (by petition) (CSU / OK Linne)

Eddie Bergeron (SVO) - 1st alternate
Matej Sebo (BAOC) - 2nd alternate
Ken Walker Jr. (CSU) - 3rd alternate

The Team Leader to Italy will be named shortly.

Thanks to Get Lost!! and Vladimir Gusiatnikov and crew for a great weekend of challenging orienteering. There was a change in procedure this year, with the addition of the one-person sprint relay to reflect the additional focus on sprint races at WOC. There will, undoubtedly, be more changes in the future to further align the Team Trial races and selection procedures with the evolution of WOC races.

And, finally, the solid performances of Juniors continue, with Ethan Childs being named to the WOC team, and Matej Sebo earning the 2nd alternate spot. Juniors were especially prominent in the Sprints, with Will Hubsch as top American in the first sprint, and Ethan and Matej close behind, along with Katrina Weinmann in 4th place in F21+ in both the individual and one-person relay sprints.

Photo links:

Scoring list for 2014 (courtesy of the U.S. Team ESC) - click on the image to open PDF