2015 U.S. Team to WOC announced

USA Team to World Orienteering Championships 2015 in Scotland

Announcement by Kris Beecroft, on behalf of the Team Selection Committee Review Panel
March 30, 2015


Alison Campbell (DVOA / EUOC)
Kseniya Popova (HVO)
Alex Jospé (CSU)
Tori Borish (COC)
Ali Crocker (CROC) -  by petition
Samantha Saeger (NEOC / OK Linne) - by petition
Sandra Lauenstein (RMOC / ANCO) - by petition


Giacomo Barbone (CSU)
Greg Ahlswede (DVOA / Escondite)
Eric Bone (COC)
Ken Walker, Jr. (CSU)
Ethan Childs (GMOC)
Alts: Will Enger (COC) and Wyatt Riley (DVOA)

The Team Leader to Scotland will be named shortly.

Thanks to Orienteering Cincinnati and Mike Minium and crew for a great weekend of challenging orienteering. The Review Panel this year used a new system to select the team members, and assigned races based both on the athletes' preferences and their performance at the events in Kentucky.

The solid performances of recent Juniors are reflected in Alison Campbell, Tori Borish, Greg Ahlswede, and Ethan Childs being named to the WOC team, and Will Enger earning an alternate spot. We look forward to following these athletes at world competitions for many years to come.

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U.S. Team to WOC 2015
named at Flying Pig XIX held at Morehead State College and Carter Caves State Resort Park, Kentucky

Front: Ali Crocker, Kseniya Popova, Tori Borish, Alex Jospé, Alison Campbell
Back: Wyatt Riley, Will Enger, Giacomo Barbone, Eric Bone, Ken Walker Jr, Greg Ahlswede, Ethan Childs
missing: Samantha Saeger, Sandra Lauenstein
(photo: Janet Tryson; click image for larger view)

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Race Assignments for WOC 2015
(courtesy of the U.S. Team ESC) - click on the image to enlarge