2017 US Team to WOC Announced

The Review Panel (RP) has selected the following team for the 2017 World Orienteering Championships in Estonia, June 30-July 7 (listed in alphabetical order):


  • Evalin Brautigam (WCOC)
  • Alison Campbell (DVOA / BASOC-Scotland)
  • Tyra Christopherson (COC)
  • Julia Doubson (BAOC)
  • Cristina Luis (TSN / Nydalens SK-NOR)
  • (no alternate)


  • Greg Ahlswede (DVOA / Escondite-ESP)
  • Giacomo Barbone (CSU)
  • Eric Bone (COC)
  • Morten Jørgensen (Kristiansand-NOR)
  • Alternate: Will Enger (COC)

Race assignments:

  • Sprint: Morten, Giacomo, Greg; Julia, Tyra, Alison
  • Sprint Relay: Morten, Giacomo, Julia, Tyra
  • Long: Eric, Greg; Evalin
  • Middle: Morten, Alison
  • Relay: Morten, Eric, Greg; Alison, Evalin, Cristina

--Peggy Dickison, RP chair, on behalf of the entire panel (Tori Campbell, Kristin Hall, Will Hawkins, Glen Tryson)

Details on how the Review Panel selected team members and specific race assignments at WOC may be found in this document (PDF).

Their guidance from the Team Executive Steering Committee included:

  • Select the best team to represent the USA at WOC.
  • Select 4-6 men and 4-6 women. Six should be selected only under unusual circumstances.
  • Designate athletes for each race start and one reserve from the athletes already selected.

Automatic selections after the Team Trials event in Minnesota April 28-30, 2017. 


  • Greg Ahlswede (DVOA, Escondite-ESP), personal slot on Long from North Americans win
  • Sprint winner(s): Tied – Giacomo Barbone (CSU, O'Jura-FRA), Morten Jørgenson (Kristiansand-NOR)
  • Team Trials top two scorers: Morten Jørgenson (Kristiansand-NOR), Eric Bone (COC)


  • Sprint winner: Julia Doubson (BAOC)
  • Team Trials top scorer: Alison Campbell (DVOA, EUOC-Scotland)

Thank you to Minnesota Orienteering Club for hosting the Trials this year!

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