2018 ARDF Team USA at World Championships

ARDF Team USA Scores Gold, Bronze, and Best-Ever World Championship Results in Korea

SOKCHO, South Korea – September 8, 2018

Vadim Afonkin won a gold medal and five other ARDF Team USA members earned Bronze medals at the 19th ARDF World Championship in Sokcho, South Korea, held September 2-8, 2018. Team USA as a whole achieved its best-ever results at an ARDF World Championship. The Korea Amateur Radio League (KARL) hosted the competition, attended by over 20 countries including USA.

ARDF, also known as Radio Orienteering, is a multi-skill sport that involves running and navigating using only a map and compass while using a radio receiver to locate multiple transmitters hidden in a forest. The sport has direct application and utility for important activities such as search and rescue, wildlife tracking, airborne and seaborne navigation, and communications. Competitions at the championship in Korea involved steep terrain, intricate navigation challenges, and dense vegetation off the trails.

Vadim Afonkin won a gold medal in the 80m (3.5 MHz) Classic. Ruth Bromer earned a Bronze medal in the Foxoring (mix of "foxhunting" [transmitter hunting] and orienteering) W60 event. Vadim Afonkin, Nicolai Mejevoi, and Bill Wright in the M50 category earned repeat Bronze team medals for both the 80m (3.5 MHz) and 2m (144 MHz) Classic races. Kenneth Harker and Joseph Burkhead took home a Bronze team medal for their 3rd place finish in the 80m (3.5 MHz) Classic. Several USA competitors also finished with top-10 results in the W21, W35, M50, W60 and M70 classes. Competing for ARDF Team USA included the following 11 competitors in their respective classes:

  • W21 – Lori Huberman
  • M21 – Eduard Nasybullin
  • W35 – Alla Mezhevaya
  • M40 – Kenneth Harker (Team Captain)
                Joseph Burkhead
  • M50 – Vadim Afonkin
                Nicolai Mejevoi
                Bill Wright
  • W60 – Ruth Bromer
  • M60 – Joseph Huberman
  • M70 – Robert Cooley

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USA has competed in every ARDF World Championship since 1988. The team’s results at this year’s championship were the most successful performance for Team USA yet. Before 2018, the most medals earned by USA at a World Championship were five medals at the 16th ARDF World Championship in Serbia in 2012.  This year Team USA is bringing back 10 medals.

A U.S. National ARDF Championship will be hosted by Backcountry Orienteering Klub (BOK) of North Carolina in July, 2019. ARDF Team USA will return to Serbia in 2020 for the 20th ARDF World Championship.

—Joseph Burkhead, ARDF Team USA 734-274-2590, joseph@uncharted.net

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posted 10 Sept 2018