2018 U.S. Team to WOC Announced

Here is the 2018 U.S. Team, as selected by the Review Panel (RP) of Peggy Dickison, Tori Campbell, Kristin Hall, Will Hawkins, and Glen Tryson. They will head to Latvia August 4–11.


  • Greg Ahlswede, DVOA
  • Giacomo Barbone, CSU
  • Eric Bone, COC
  • Michael Laraia, MNOC
  • Anton Salmenkyla, CSU / Helsingen (Finland)
  • Alternate: Will Enger, COC


  • Tori Borish, BAOC / COC
  • Tyra Christopherson, COC
  • Alison Crocker, CROC
  • Julia Doubson, BAOC
  • Amanda Johansson, OK Orion (Sweden)
  • Alternate: Sydney Fisher, WPOC

Race assignments*

  • Sprint: Anton, Michael, Giacomo (Greg* declined); Ali, Julia, Tori*
  • Sprint Relay: Eric, Giacomo; Tyra, Julia
  • Middle: Anton, Ali
  • Forest Relay: Greg, Anton, Eric; Ali, Tori, Amanda
  • Long: Greg, Tori

* Race assignments updated June 6, 2018 by Review Panel.

Greg officially declined his sprint start (which by the rules we were required to offer him). As the alternate, Giacomo Barbone has moved up. Also, partly because of finding an error in some race results we were using to help us determine race assignments, we have decided to switch Tori Borish to the Sprint and Tyra Christopherson to the Sprint Relay

Note that relay athletes are not named in order of running; that is to be determined by the Team.

We have also selected reserves for each race and will send those names out within a few days.

Details on how the Review Panel selected team members and specific race assignments at WOC may be found in this document (PDF). Their guidance from the Team Executive Steering Committee included:

  • Select the best team to represent the USA at WOC.
  • Select 4-6 men and 4-6 women. Send as small a team as practical while still being as strong a sprint team as possible.
  • Select the winner of the sprint and the top two on the scoring list for men and women.  Name the sprint winner to a sprint race.
  • Designate athletes for races first from automatic selections, then add athletes to fill all remaining race starts.
  • Select an overall alternate for men and women.

Automatic selections after the Team Trials event held during the Westchester County Challenge in New York:


  • Sprint winner: Greg Ahlswede
  • Team Trials top two scorers: Greg Ahlswede and Anton Salmenkyla


  • Sprint winner: Alison Crocker
  • Team Trials top two scorers: Alison Crocker and Tori Borish

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