August 2011

Alison Crocker qualifies for Long and Middle Distance Finals at WOC 2011

Alison Crocker (CSU) has turned in fine performances at the qualifiers for the long and middle distance races at the World Orienteering Championships held 13-14 August, 2011 near Annecy, France. She finish 10th in her heat in the long qualifier, and 7th in the middle. We look forward to following her in the Finals to be held 17 August (Long) and 19 August (Middle).

Among the other U.S. competitors, the best places were: Alex Jospe, 20th in her heat of the Long Distance qualifier, and Ross Smith, 20th in his heat of the Middle Distance qualifier.

Proposal for Orienteering USA to host a future WOC

In April of 2011, the Orienteering USA board received and discussed a proposal by the Danish orienteering federation to share responsibility for consecutive World Orienteering Championships.  The proposal included the following general points:

2011 Certificates of Recognition

The following Orienteering USA members received Certificates of Recognition, presented at the 2011 Annual General Meeting held near Rochester, New York:

2010 Team of the Year – Team USA Kjellstrom Cup Winners
Junior of the Year – Hannah Burgess
Comet of the Year – Ali Crocker
Orienteer of the Year – Samantha Saeger

Outgoing Board Members – Phil Martineau, Joanne Sankus, David Irving
Web Committee Members – Lisa Carr, Dan Felitsky, Mike Schuh, Greg Lennon, Janet Tryson, Pat Dunlavey
Outgoing Junior Team Coach – Jeff Saeger

2011 Golden Troll Award recipients

Ruth Bromer (BOK)

Ruth has been the hard-working and accommodating registrar and treasurer for all of BOK's “A” meet, including five championships of various types, a WRE, and four additional “A” meets. She is currently working with CSU as a co-event consultant for the 2011 Individual Championships. She has worked to bring orienteering programs into local schools and trained Interscholastic teams. Ruth also works hard within her local club on youth programs like String O and making sure all courses are set at an appropriate level.

2011 President's Awards

The following Orienteering USA members were recognized by President Clare Durand at the 2011 Annual General Meeting, August 4, 2011 —

Dan Felitsky (QOC) put in countless hours of programming support and work as a member of the Orienteering USA website committee. His technical expertise was a huge asset to the project. Dan’s contributions were integral to the development of the site and the successful launch of the final product.

2011 Silva Award Winner Eric Weyman

Eric Weyman, DVOA, winner of 2011 Silva AwardEric has been orienteering for over 30 years and is perhaps the most respected mapping and course consulting volunteer in the country. While his contributions are well known in certain circles, his understated approach makes him less visible than many on the national stage.

2011 Awards Presented at AGM - in brief

Orienteering USA executive director Glen Schorr announced the following awards presented at the 2011 Annual General Meeting in the Rochester area, New York. More details will be posted about the individual awards.