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Links to information and resources for other orienteering formats not covered elsewhere on the Orienteering USA site:

Adventure Racing

Billygoats and other Goat variations

The first Billygoat orienteering race held in the U.S. was developed by Peter Gagarin and Fred Pilon in 1979. Goats are generally one-course, mass-start races, usually between 10-15km in length. The "original" Billygoat awards all finishers who complete the course in no more than three hours and 30 minutes with a T-shirt; if you're a second over, you're out of luck. For more, please visit the Billygoat site:

Other Goats of note:

  • The Blue Hills Traverse, first held in 1973, is like the Billygoat in that it is a one-course, mass-start race. The difference between it and the Billygoat is that the Traverse is always held in Blue Hills Reservation near Quincy, Massachusetts, while the Billygoat moves around New England, occasionally venturing into New York state.
  • The Billy Pig (near Cincinnati, Ohio)
  • The Bubba Goat (in the southeast)
  • The Golden Goat (California)
  • The Hudson Highlander, a "metric marathon" (26.2 km) orienteering and trail race with a mass start, held in Harriman State Park in New York using maps originally made for the 1993 World Orienteering Championships
  • The Possum Trot (Kansas/Missouri area)
  • The Rocky Mountain Goat (Colorado or Wyoming)


Deaf Orienteering

Horseback Orienteering

Mountain Bike Orienteering

Radio Orienteering

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