Rogaining Events

North American Rogaining (Map Trekking) Calendar

*** Canadian Rogaine Organizers are encouraged to coordinate events and use this calendar page as well. ***

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Location and Details

Sept. 86 hour"The Odyssey" 6-hour Rogaine
Wolf Lake State Forest, Hermon/Edwards, New York
Organizer: CNYO
Sept 93 and 6 hour
Soda Springs, CA
Organizer: Nav-X
Sept 153 and 6 hour
Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Mont Bleu
Sept 163 and 6 hour
Near Bend, Oregon
Organizer: CROC
Oct 63 and 8 hourPython Adventure Race / Rogaine
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Organizer: Northeast Ohio Orienteering Club
Oct 73 and 6 hour
Hollister, CA
Organizer: Nav-X
Oct 13 & 14 4 hour
26 miles east of Holbrook, AZ
Organizer: GPHXO
Oct 208 and 18  hour
Camp Munhacke, Gregory, MI 
Oct 202, 3, and 6 hourChallenge the GATS Fall Adventure Run/Rogaine
10 km North of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Organizer: Orienteering Ottawa
Oct 27 3 hour
Morin Heights, Quebec, Canada
Organizer: Mont Bleu
Nov 34 and 8  hour
Williams, CA
Organizer: Nav-X
Nov 3-414 & 10 hour
LoyalStock State Forest, PA
Organizer: Rootstock Racing




Aug 1-224 hour
Truckee/Lake Tahoe, California
Organizer: OUSA and BAOC

last updated August 29, 2018

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