L2.p2/ed.12.06.07                       Coaching Level 2 Application, page 2

f.        Upgrade an existing orienteering map or map a new area.  Attach a copy of the finished map(s). Circle areas you worked on.

           Location(s) ____________________________________________

           Date(s)  _______________      Hour(s)  _______________________
g.       Complete any college level coaching course.  Attach a copy of the completion certificate.

          Course name,  course number and institution:

           Date(s)  _______________      Hour(s)  _______________________

2.    Complete the USOF Coaching Orienteering Level 1 Course of Instruction** (REQUIRED)
Attach a copy of the completion certificate.

Date  _________________                           

3.    Establish proven results against navigation standards by accomplishing one of the following:  (REQUIRED)

a.       Coach one or more athletes who placed in the top 3 individually at a State, Regional or National Cross Country (foot) Orienteering event on Orange or higher level courses (distance nonspecific on foot-, mountain bike-, or ski-O)  OR

b.       Coach five or more athletes at a State, Regional or National Championship Cross Country (foot) Orienteering event who certify as Pathfinder or Expert (classic distance on foot only, not necessarily at the same time or at the same event).

List Event(s) and Names of athletes:

**Those who certify Level 1 from this class must be Level 1 for one (1) year before applying for Level 2. This does not apply for those who have certified as Recognized Coaches for Level 1 retroactive based on past performances. Those who have a Certificate of Recognition may apply for Level 2 immediately after completing the coaching course.