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OLYMPIC LEVEL 3 -- International Coaching


Name:                                                                                                 Age                  Club                                                          

Address:                                                                                              Phone (              )                                                   (Home)

                                                                                                           Phone (              )                                                     (Work)

Type of employment:                                                                                            Birthdate:                                                        

Number of years orienteering:  ญญญญญญญญญญญญ_______________________

Member of USOF?     NO                               YES                Since                          USOF #                                            

 Anyone applying for Olympic Level III coaching must provide evidence of satisfactory completion of all of the required elements and at least one of the optional elements.

1.      Attend and participate in the following Level 3 activities*:

a.      Attend a World Championship Event as a Competitor, a Team Administrator, or as a Coach. (REQUIRED)

         Event(s)                                                               Location(s)                                                                                  


b.      Conduct at least one USOF Coaching Course either as the Primary Instructor or as an Assistant Instructor. (REQUIRED)



c.      Write a book on Orienteering or publish three or more articles for news papers or for any recognized magazine. (REQUIRED)

         Provide a copy of the articles or a bibliography entry if you wrote a book.                                                                                                        

d.      Attend any Coaching Seminar offered by any institution on any related subject i.e. running, injury prevention and/or treatment, nutrition, strength conditioning, exercise etc. (OPTIONAL)

         Event(s), Location(s)                                                                                                                                                  


e.     Host or provide instruction for a US Orienteering Team Training Camp for any form of Orienteering.  (OPTIONAL)

         Event(s), Location(s)                                                                                                                                                  

         Date(s)                                                                        Number (s) of Attendees                                                                

         Attach a statement from two or more  athletes describing the value s/he received from attending the camp and his or her perception of how attendance at the camp affected his or her subsequent results.


REQUIREMENTS: List dates, places, people. Use back of sheet if needed.