To help support the growth of mountain bike orienteering in the US, MTBO Team USA sells selected items that are core to mountain bike orienteering and that may otherwise be hard to acquire in the US.

Available exclusively in the US through MTBO Team USA: AutoPilot map board holders. Based in the Czech Republic, AutoPilot map holders are known for being among the lightest and quickest to attach of all map board holders. Numerous elite mountain bike orienteers and adventure racers use AutoPilot map holders, including Michaela Gigon (7x World MTBO Champ), and all members of Team USA use AutoPilot map board holders.

We have priced the AutoPilot map board holders at a very competitive price, $79, with a portion of the cost going to the MTBO Team (plus a fraction to OUSA), so every purchase helps grow the sport nationwide.

Three models are available: the PilotOne, theTallBoy, and the AngleBoy. All boards feature a reinforced base and a cover that attaches via 4 hooks and rubber loops.

The PilotOne is the standard AutoPilot map holder, raising the map board holder 11.2cm above the handlebars. The TallBoy results in the map holder being 14cm above the handlebars. The AngleBoy has a base set at a 25 degree angle from vertical, leading to a map board height of 12cm and giving the owner a choice of having the board about 4cm further away from (or closer to, depending on which way the base is attached) their body. All three are available in black (the most common color) and at times in red (ask about stock if you're interested). The map board holder itself is 28cm x 28cm for both bases.

AutoPilot map holder bases are designed to attach to standard 31.8mm wide handlebars. For bikes with thinner handlebars, a diameter reduction kit is available at a nominal cost ($4.95), which adapts the map holders to 25.4mm wide handlebars.

More information can be found online at AutoPilot's website (scroll down to find user manuals) or Facebook site.

NOTE: no orders will be fulfilled between now and April 25.  



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