2012 U.S. Standing Team announced

The U.S. Standing Team Selection Committee (Kris Beecroft, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Kristin Hall, and Patrick Nuss) is pleased to announce the selection of the following orienteers for the 2012 U.S. Orienteering Team (Foot-O):

  • A - Men: Jordan Laughlin (USMAOC), Ross Smith (CSU), Sergei Zhyk (HVO)
  • A - Women: Alison Crocker (CSU), Samantha Saeger (NEOC)
  • B - Men: Eric Bone (COC), Wyatt Riley (DVOA), Ken Walker Jr. (CSU), Giacomo Barbone (CSU)
  • B - Women: Hannah Burgess (USMAOC), Alex Jospe (CSU)
  • C - Men: Keith Andersen (USMAOC), Eddie Bergeron (SVO), Boris Granovskiy (CSU), Clem McGrath(DVOA), Nikolay Nachev (COC),
  • C - Women: Pavlina Brautigam (WCOC), Alison Campbell (DVOA), Cristina Luis (DVOA), Angelica Riley (DVOA), Anna Shafer-Skelton (SLOC), Sandra Lauenstein (ANCO)

Selection is based on A-meet M/F21 performances during the preceding year with preference given to championship events, the Team Trials, and rankings. In the case of potential members living abroad, the committee considers their known competition results and training regimens. It is from this list -- which is sub-divided into A, B, and C -- that orienteers are eligible to represent Orienteering USA in IOF-sanctioned elite events.

The criteria for placement on the A, B and C lists are:

"A" list: Those who, if we were naming a squad now for a major international competition, would almost certainly be included.
"B" list: Those from whom you could reasonably expect the rest of the major international squad to come.
"C" list: Those who lack fitness due to injury, experience, or consistency to regularly challenge those on the "A" or "B" lists, although they can and do on any given day.