2010 US Team information

2010 U.S. Orienteering Team

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2010 US Orienteering Team

Left to right: Alison Crocker, Sandra Zurcher, Matt Scott, Samantha Saeger, Pavlina Brautigam, Eric Bone, Erin Nielsen, Ross Smith, Eddie Bergeron, Nickolay Nachev

> 2010 U.S. Team Member Biographies

The 2010 Team Trials were held in mid-May at Harriman State Park in New York, with the following athletes named to represent the United States at the 2010 World Championships in Trondheim, Norway, in August:


    * Samantha Saeger, New England OC (http://runners.worldofo.com/samanthasaeger.html)
    * Alison Crocker, Cambridge Sports Union (http://runners.worldofo.com/alisoncrocker.html)
    * Erin Olafsen Nielsen, Up North Orienteers (http://runners.worldofo.com/erinolafsen.html)
    * Pavlina Brautigam, Western Connecticut OC (http://runners.worldofo.com/pavlinabrautigam.html)
    * Sandra Zurcher, Up North Orienteers (http://runners.worldofo.com/sandrazurcher.html)
    * Cristina Luis, Tucson Orienteering Club, 1st alternate (and team leader)
    * Ekaterina (Kat) Orekhova, Cambridge Sports Union, 2nd alternate

2010 US Orienteering Team

Women, left to right: Cristina Luis (1st alternate), Pavlina Brautigam, Samantha Saeger, Erin Nielsen, Alison Crocker (not pictured: Sandra Zurcher, Ekaterina Orekhova/2nd alternate)


    * Ross Smith, Cambridge Sports Union (http://runners.worldofo.com/rosssmith.html)
    * Eric Bone, Cascade OC (http://runners.worldofo.com/ericbone.html)
    * Boris Granovskiy, Cambridge Sports Union (declined)
    * Ken Walker, Cambridge Sports Union (declined)
    * Eddie Bergeron, Susquahanna Valley O (http://runners.worldofo.com/eddiebergeron.html)
    * Wyatt Riley, Delaware Valley OA (declined)
    * Nikolay Nachev, Cascade OC
    * Matt Scott, Delaware Valley OA
    * Jordan Laughlin, US Military Academy OC, 1st alternate
    * Clem McGrath, Delaware Valley OA, 2nd alternate

2010 US Orienteering Team

Men, left to right: Nikolay Nachev, Eric Bone, Ross Smith, Ken Walker Jr. (declined), Boris Granovskiy (declined), Wyatt Riley (declined), Eddie Bergeron, Jordan Laughlin (1st alternate)
(not pictured: Matt Scott, Clem McGrath/2nd alternate). Team photos by Vadim Masalkov

Many thanks are due to the small but highly skilled group of organizers of the Trials, especially event director Vadim Masalkov, course setters Greg Balter and Sergei Zhyk, and e-punch guru Sandy Fillebrown. The event was sponsored by the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association  and Amino Vital. Past Team members Kris Beecroft, Peggy Dickison and Peter Gagarin served on the team selection review panel.

The 2010 U.S. Standing Orienteering Team

In January 2010, the U.S. Standing Team Selection Committee (Kris Beecroft, Vladimir Gusiatnikov and Kristin Hall) announced the selection of the following orienteers for the 2010 U.S. Orienteering Team (Foot-O):

    * A-Men: Eric Bone (COC), Ross Smith (CSU)
    * A-Women: Samantha Saeger (NEOC), Sandra Zurcher (OLG Bern)

    * B-Men: Eddie Bergeron (SVO), Boris Granovskiy (CSU), Clem McGrath (DVOA), Wyatt Riley (DVOA,) Ken Walker Jr. (CSU)
    * B-Women: Pavlina Brautigam (WCOC)

    * C-Men: Leif Anderson (RMOC), Sergei Zhyk (DVOA)
    * C-Women: Viktoria Brautigam (WCOC), Alison Crocker (CSU), Cristina Luis (DVOA), Ekaterina Orekhova (CSU), Corinne Porter (DVOA), Hillary Saeger (NEOC)