U.S. Team to WOC 2019

August 12–17, 2019
Østfold, Norway

The United States will send a very talented team of orienteers (profiles below) to Norway for the 2019 World Orienteering Championships. Race assignments (and as they are available, results and links to maps and photos) are below.

Support the Team by making a donation and designating it for the National Senior Team. Next year's World Orienteering Championships will take place in central Denmark, July 6–11, 2020.

2019 U.S. Team to WOC



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The U.S. will be represented in August by (listed alphabetically): Greg Ahlswede, Eric Bone, Alison Campbell, Ali Crocker, Syd Fisher, Morten Jorgensen, Jordan Laughlin, Anton Salmenkylä, and Åsne Skram Trømborg. Pavlina Brautigam qualified for the U.S. Team but declined her automatic selection.

This is the first WOC for Syd, Morten, Jordan, and Åsne. Athletes were assigned to the following races following the Team Trials held in New York in late April.

  • Middle Qualification: Anton, Greg, Eric, Jordan; Syd, Åsne, Alison (Morten and Ali are reserves)
  • Long: Morten, Jordan; Ali, Syd (Greg and Åsne are reserves)
  • Forest Relay: Anton, Greg, Morten; Ali, Åsne, Alison


  • 13 August, Tuesday: Middle Qualification
  • 14 August, Wednesday
  • 15 August, Thursday: rest
  • 16 August, Friday: Middle Final
  • 17 August, Saturday: Relay

Follow the Team as they compete at WOC 2019!

Follow the U.S. Team at the World Orienteering Championships in Østfold, Norway from 12-18 August!  Our athletes are in their final preparations for their races.  This year’s team is composed of 4 women (Ali, Alison, Åsne and Syd) and 5 men (Anton, Eric, Greg, Morten, and Jordan).  All of the races will feature GPS tracking but no link is currently available.

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Race Lineup:

Middle Qualification (13 Aug): Anton, Greg, Eric, Jordan | Syd, Åsne, Alison
Long (14 Aug): Morten, Jordan | Ali, Syd
Middle Final (16 Aug): TBA, based on qualification performance
Relay (17 Aug): Anton, Greg, Morten | Ali, Åsne, Alison (order to be determined)

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U.S. Team Results (to come)

updated 21 July 2019