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Team USA Standings at World Trail Orienteering Championships (updated July 2019)

2018 World Trail Orienteering Championships, Latvia, August 5-10

Two Days of Pre-O were not kind to the team this year. Perhaps the most impressive showing was Christ Rasmussen on day two. In only his second year of Trail Orienteering Christ improved his results from scoring about half of the winner's score, to 2/3.

Final results for two-day combined:

Open Class:
1st place - Jan Furucz (Slovakia) - Score 61
57th - Mika Latva-Kokko - Score 49
59th - Sharon Crawford - Score 48
60th - Mike Poulsen - Score 47

Paralympic Class:
1st place - Ola Jansson (Sweden) - Score 58
35th place - Christ Rasmussen - Score 31
40th place - Julius Schram - Score 23

DSQ - Daniel Heimgartner

L-R: Daniel Heimgartner,  Mika Latva-Koko, Christ Rasmussen (kneeling),
Sharon Crawford, Julius Schram, Mike Poulsen
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T2014 World Trail Orienteering Championships, Trentino, Italy, July 7-11

Information, including results, maps, and some photos, may be found on the organizer's website.

In the Pre-O, Sharon Crawford finished in 6th place, Clare Durand in 39th, and Steve Beuerman in 63rd in the Open Class. We had no Paralympic Trail Orienteers competing this year.

In the Temp-O, the best U.S. placing was Clare Durand's 55th; no one qualified for the Final.

2012 World Trail Orienteering Championships

2011 World Trail Orienteering Championships - Overall Results (pdf)

August 16 - Competition 1,  - Results (pdf)

  • Paralympic Category: 1st - Dmitry Kuchernko (Russia), 21 points, 20 seconds (on timed controls); 34th - Glen Cafferty (USA), 10 points, 92 seconds; 39th - Cathy Yekenevicz (USA), 0 points, 120 seconds (39 competitors)
  • Open Category: 1st - Kreso Kerestes (Slovenia), 22 points, 18 seconds; 36th - Richard Y. Ebright (USA), 19 points, 84.5 seconds; Tie-55th - Sharon Crawford (USA), 16 points, 129 seconds; 57th - Karl Ahlswede (USA), 14 points, 85 seconds (64 competitors)

August 17 - Competition 2,  - Paralympic Results / Open Results (pdf)

  • Paralympic Category: 1st - Soren Saxtorph (Denmark), 21 points, 26 seconds; 36th - Glen Cafferty (USA), 8 points, 173 seconds; 39th - Cathy Yekenevicz (USA), 0 points, 120 seconds (39 competitors)
  • Open Category: 1st - Lauri Kontkanen (Finland), 22 points, 27 seconds); 15th - Karl Ahlswede (USA), 20 points, 84 seconds; 45th - Sharon Crawford (USA), 17 points, 120 seconds; 57th - Richard Y. Ebright (USA), 14 points, 162 seconds (64 competitors)

The U.S. Team finished 14th out of 16 teams in the Team Competition.

August 18 - TempO Competition - Results (pdf)

1st - Martin Jullum (Norway), 317 seconds; 65th - Karl Ahlswede (USA), 1054 seconds; 66th - Richard Y. Ebright (USA), 1066 seconds; 95th - Richard H. Ebright (USA), 1358 seconds; 111th - Glen Cafferty (USA), 1999 seconds (111 competitors)

Here’s a little of what Karl Ahlswede wrote, about the two days of competition:

"Day 1 WTOC, I had a huge mistake in that I thought I had 120 minutes when I only had 111. The bulletin info had said 120 but we were told the night before that we had 111. I am not sure why I ignored that info. So that gave me a 2 point penalty in addition to the 6 I missed all on my own. So while I am not last I am pretty close.

"I have a great deal of respect for the top competitors though. First through ninth were perfect and I think that missing one goes down to 20th place or so. Richard only missed 2 but was just a little overtime so he finished with 19 so great job there. Plus he nailed the timed controls which were tough. Sharon finished with 16. Congratulations to her.

"Day 2 of WTOC 2011. Well I redeemed myself for yesterday's fiasco with a 20 out of 22. By my hand count I was 14th for today (so I met my goal of a top 15 finish) but 42nd for the overall competition (which was well below where I wanted to place). Today there were only 2 perfect scores and my very brief claim to fame is coming in ahead of 3 of the 4 Swedes for today’s event."

Congratulations to Karl at his first WTOC!

2010 World Trail Orienteering Championships

WTOC 2010 logoAugust 12 – This morning was the second day of the Trail O' Champs, and it was a good day for this year's star, Joe Brautigam, though I know he had his hopes set higher. Joe was 5th after the first day, getting 21 of 22 controls correct. Today was a harder course (as I gather is common for the second day), and he got 19 of 22 correct, ended up overall in 11th place (one more correct would have put him in 6th, 2 more in 4th). Also in the Open class, Michael Poulsen finished 43rd and Sharon Crawford 46th. As a team, they finished 12th of 14 teams. In the Paralympic class, David Irving was 24th and Glen Cafferty was 36th.

August 10 – Today is Day 1 of the World Trail-O Championships. Competing for the USA are Sharon Crawford, Joe Brautigam, and Michael Poulsen in the open class, and Glen Cafferty and David Irving in the paralympic class. Results: After the first day Joe Brautigam is 5th, Michael Poulsen 31st, and Sharon Crawford 42nd in the Open class; David Irving is 23rd and Glen Cafferty 40th in the Paralympic class.

Comments by Peter Gagarin

For detailed results, maps and solutions, see the WTOC 2010 website.