Navigation Certification Verification

Instructions to Orienteering Coaches Validating Orienteering USA Navigation Certification

Thank you for supporting Orienteering USA's Navigation Certification program.

Orienteering coaches requesting navigation certification for their athletes shall submit five documents to you, as described in Navigation Certification. These documents are:

  1. The Request Form.
  2. A list of the requested athletes and their statistics with names correctly spelled. (Attachment I)
  3. An official listing of results with posted straight line distance from either an “A” or “B” meet with "A" level classic distance courses.  There should also be a straight line distance verification notice, written by a Certified Coach who is someone other than the course designer.
  4. A verification of independent effort statement signed by the requestor (Attachment III).
  5. One check that includes $2.00 per certificate requested for Orienteering USA Junior members, $3.00 for Orienteering USA adult members or non-Orienteering USA Juniors, and $10 for adult non-members, written to Certifications.

Your task is to:

  1. Check the documentation you received for errors and/or omissions.
  2. Verify the information provided in the Request Form and on the listed name sheet against the official posted results. Use the minutes per kilometer calculation to determine a benchmark for that race (see below), and verify each athlete does qualify for certification. The athlete must be faster than 15 min/k for Navigator certification (Orange or higher level course), 12 min/k for Pathfinder (Brown or higher course), and 10 min/k for Expert (Red and Blue only).
  3. If you notice a name spelling is different from the results and the submitter does not tell you that the change was made intentionally in a note in the comments section of the application form, you may want to call the requesting coach to verify.
  4. Submit only the completed Request Form, Attachment I, and check to obtain the certificates. Be sure to include your mailing address!
    • Option 1 – Submit Request Form and Attachment I electronically, then snail-mail the check with a copy of the Request Form. Certificates will not be processed until Bob receives the check.
    • Option 2 – Submit Request Form, Attachment I and check by snail-mail.
      Send to:
      Bob Turbyfill (bob.turbyfill [at] live [dot] com)
      5015 Angel Fish Ct.
      Waldorf, MD 20603
  5. When received, sign and forward the certificates to the requesting coach.

Minutes per Kilometer Calculations

Calculate whether athletes qualify for Certification as described below. NOTE: Starting 1 January 2011, course length will be calculated by adding a zero to the reported climb and treating the number obtained as part of the course length.  Example:  If the course is 5.6Km with 120 m climb, the 120 meters of climb will be calculated as 1200 meters of distance and the new course length will be 6.8 Km. That is the length you will use to calculate minutes per kilometer.

Determine a course benchmark (total time an athlete must beat on a particular course) by multiplying calculated course lengths by the threshold min/Km levels.

  • For Orange courses, only Navigator (<15 min/Km) Certification is offered.
  • On Brown and Green courses, certification can be earned as a Navigator (<15 min/Km) or Pathfinder (<12 min/Km).
  • On Red and Blue courses, certificates are available at all levels, with Experts running less than 10 min/Km on average.

Example: A 4.32Km Orange course at 15:00/Km should take 4.32 * 15 = 64.8 minutes. Convert the 0.8 minutes to seconds by multiplying it by 60; 0.8 * 60 = 48 seconds.  Therefore, the course benchmark is 64:48 (or 1:04:48). An athlete should post a result faster than 64:48 on this particular course to earn a Navigator Certificate.

last updated 1 Dec 2010