Navigation Certification FAQ


FAQ and Request Forms

Q:  How do I get Certificates for my athletes?

A:  Requesters must fill out a Navigation Certificate Request Form and provide three additional artifacts as proof of standards met for each athlete for whom a request is made.


  1. Attachment I, list of certification recipients (verify correct name spellings before requesting certificates!).
  2. A copy of official meet results (must include course lengths and climb; request that a certified coach verify the straight-line distance).
  3. Written statement indicating that the requestor has interviewed each athlete individually, asking if the nominee achieved the official result completely on their own or if they received any assistance (Attachment III).

Q.  What events are used as qualification events?

A.  Only classic length courses at Orienteering USA sanctioned “A” meets or recognized “B” Meets conducted on a map made to International Orienteering Federation (IOF) standards qualify for Certification purposes.

Q.  Is there a waiting period after an event before I can make a request?

No request may be filed with a Certified Coach until the official results of the qualifying event are published on the hosting club’s web page.

Q.  What is the cost of Certification?

A.   Submit one check for all certificates requested, made payable to Certifications. Include $2.00 for each certificate requested for Orienteering USA Junior members, $3.00 for each Orienteering USA adult and/or non-Orienteering USA Junior, and $10.00 for each non-Orienteering USA adult.

Q: Who can certify my athletes?

A:  Nationally Certified Level 1 and Level 2 coaches with current Orienteering USA membership are the only persons authorized to validate and sign an official Orienteering USA Navigation Certificate. Certified coaches are not permitted to certify their own athletes. They must request certification through another Certified Coach.

Requests may be submitted electronically with signed forms scanned into an electronic document. No request should be submitted or will be honored until all documentation is present. Certification will proceed when all required documents are submitted, and receipt of your check is verified.

Q: What happens if a certificate is damaged or has an incorrect spelling?

A:  Replacement certificates may be obtained by returning the original certificate to the address noted on the back of each certificate. Replacement cost is $3.00 for Orienteering USA Junior members, $4.00 for adult Orienteering USA members and non-Orienteering USA Juniors, and $15.00 for non-Orienteering USA adults; send a check payable to Certifications. The finished certificate(s) will be mailed from the original Certifying Coach for valid signature if that person is available, or from the Orienteering USA Coaching Committee chairperson.