From PBS Parents: Why children still need to read (and draw) maps (January 27, 2016)

Teachers' Guides

The International Orienteering Federations has new resources available for download from their website, including "Orinteering in Simple English" (handout for students), "Orienteering at School, ages 6-12," and "Orienteering at School, ages 13-15." Download individual items (PDF) from this page:

Lesson Plan

An orienteering lesson plan designed for teachers and coaches interested in developing orienteering skills in their students is now available (updated July 2009). Because some teachers may need to customize theA mother and daughter discuss orienteering routes plan to fulfill their school district's requirements, it is available in two formats:

  • PDF (34 pages, 598 kb) - Adobe Acrobat reader required to view, cannot be revised
  • Word (34 pages, 601 kb) - can be customized by those with Microsoft Word accessible word-processing programs

To order the Coaching Manual mentioned in the lesson plan, and to see a complete bibliography of orienteering teaching materials, see the Print Materials section in New to O.

Compass Sets

While our focus is largely on teaching map reading, the compass can be a useful tool to keep oneself oriented in complicated terrain when used with a map. This listing should not be construed as recommending any particular teaching set...buyer beware. Also, be sure to visit dedicated U.S. orienteering supply vendors (such as Gale's Orienteering and Berman's O Supply) listed on our vendor page.

O in Schools

The O' in Schools Newsletter is free to education professionals. It includes information, games, and teaching aids. Contact Greg Sack for details. (raphic <at> fuse <dot> net)

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